Electronics Waterford MI

Our social and economic world is turned by electronic machines and instruments. Computers, smartphones, televisions are what we use to get most of our information, store information, and they also provide recreation. Electronics amplify and modify music, regulate our indoor temperatures, and light up our cities at night. Whatever purpose you are using an electronic machine or instrument for, it is important for it to be reliable. For those people who are in or near Waterford or Oakland County, National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford is unsurpassed when it comes to delivering trustworthy, quality electronics for a fair price, as well as giving you fair reimbursement for selling them to us, provided they are in the working order that fits the standard of a reliable pawnbroker.

Our Products
If it is wired with electronics, the chances are good that we have it in stock. Out of all the pawn shops in the Greater Detroit area, we are stocked with one of the largest sets of inventory. Whether you are looking for something older and nostalgic, or newer and higher tech for a good price, National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford is the place to come. Our vast inventory includes things such as:
     • Televisions                                                  • Cell phones
     • Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod)          • Video games
     • Stereo equipment                                       • DVDs
     • Record players                                           • DVD players
     • Electric and acoustic guitars                      • Bass guitars
     • Drums                                                        • Amps
     • GPS navigation systems                           • Digital cameras

This list is definitely not all inclusive, however, it should give you an idea of the diversity of our inventory. 

Our Advantage
You may have heard horror stories about buying electronic goods from pawn shops. However, whenever an item is brought in by a customer to be sold, our staff personally gives it a thorough test to make sure that it is functioning up to standard before we make an offer on compensation. So you can be assured that anything you see out on display is in reliable working order. National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford realizes better than anyone that a large part of our reputation stands on handing over an honest, working product for each customer’s honest, hard-earned money.

If you are the type that cannot stop yourself from buying the latest tech as soon as it comes out, selling your old gadgets will help pay for the new. Trading with us, instead of directly to another individual is a more secure way of ensuring that you will be compensated, and not cheated out of payment. Also, the staff at our business is both honest and competent. We can give you an accurate evaluation of how much the item is worth, and pay you an amount that will have you leaving our shop feeling positive about the deal you made. You are bound to get more money out of us, than by a direct sell.

Come in and Visit
Have you perhaps inherited, or already possess a collection of vinyl record players, but need something to play them on? Would you like a used, but relatively recent smartphone for a fraction of the price of a brand new one? Or, do you have a child that has shown an interest in taking music lessons, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new guitar? If you are near Waterford or Oakland County, National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford is bound to have what you need for a surprisingly affordable price. If you wish to bring in some of your electronics for sale or a loan, you will walk out well compensated. Come in today and see what we have to offer.