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Rochester Hills stands against the eastern central border of Oakland County. Though it has only been a city in and of itself since 1984, it has long been a coveted area to live. With a gorgeous landscape coupled with the branches of the Rouge and Clinton rivers, it is a wonderful place to eat, walk, and of course, shop. National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford is privileged to have customers from this affluent nearby city to expand our inventory and exchange base. Residents of Rochester Hills are increasingly turning to our shop because they know we will probably have something they need or want at a reasonable price.

This land was long inhabited by the Potawatomi Native American tribe, a northern branch of the Algonquian family. The Potawatomi made heavy use of the rivers for fishing and traveling via canoe, as well as the fertile land for farming. When the Treaty of Detroit was signed in 1807, this tribe, along with many other First Nation tribes ceded control of most of Southeast Michigan, followed by the migration of the European settlers from other states, as well as directly from Europe. James Graham became the first official settler of the land now known as Rochester Hills, setting up a home in the year 1817.

The second phase of development was the formation of the town called Avon Township, which encompassed both what is Rochester and Rochester Hills in 1835. At the end of the 1860s, Rochester formally separated and was officially incorporated as a village, before its subsequent changing of its own charter into a city nearly a century later, in 1966. Finally, in 1984, the rest of Avon Township filed a charter to become a city, changing its name to Rochester Hills. Today, the city covers 32.91 square miles, 0.09 of which is water. As of the 2010 census, Rochester Hills reported 70,995 residents, with a 2015 estimate of 72,283. It has experienced steady growth since the 1990 census.

Most public school children of Rochester Hills attend the Rochester Community School District. In total, the school district has students from all of Rochester, as well as portions of six other townships and cities. The district has a total of 13 elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools. All four of the district’s high schools are located in Rochester Hills.

Business and Economy
Rochester Hills has a diverse industrial sector that includes electronic research and development, as well as manufacturing, tool and die, distribution and warehousing, engineering, as well as molding and tool manufacturing.

There is an abundance of retail available here for all budgets. National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford is proud to say that our business practices and prices attract residents from this community despite having numerous competitors in proximity. Restaurants are a big deal in this city, with cuisines of many ethnicities available to please your palate.

Recreation and Attractions
This city has a plethora of recreational parks geared towards active or passive recreation, or both. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails, boating and fishing areas, as well as tennis, golf, and more. The pedestrian pathway system spans the length of the city north to south, and east to west.

For those looking to learn the history of the city in greater detail, you should visit the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm, located in the Stoney Creek Village section.

The city’s most famous building is Meadow Brook Hall. A national historic landmark, it has available tours, weddings and business events, as well as four-star caliber dining.