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The city of Novi, located in southwest Oakland County, has undergone steady growth for quite a long time. That is something it has in common with National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford. Our name stretches to the end of this county because we are the best exchange store in the area. We have been offering the most reasonable secured loans since our inception, and our experienced staff has made a name for our company that reaches into many neighboring communities, including the growing city of Novi.

The original community of Novi was a township that was founded in 1832 after separating from Farmington Township. There are a few false stories made about the reason behind its naming; the name was actually suggested by the wife of a prominent physician in the community. Residents accepted the name with a degree of enthusiasm, wanting a shorter name than Farmington. Novi remained a small community throughout much of the 19th century, with farming consisting of most of the residents’ livelihoods. 

The Village of Novi received its city charter in 1969, after three previous attempts in 1959, 1962, and 1966. After its adoption of cityhood, its economy began to take off. Today, the city of Novi encompasses 31.28 square miles, 1.02 of which is water. As of the 2010 census, 58,416 people were reported as residents, with a 2014 estimate of 58,416. Since the 1970 census, it has grown over six times.

Novi’s public school children, depending on their location within the city, may attend one of four districts. The Novi School District consists of five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. While the majority attend this school system, the districts of Northville, South Lyon, and Walled Lake also take portions of the children.
Private schools also have a significant presence here. Detroit Catholic Central High School and Franklin Road Christian School are two examples.

Novi is also home to higher education. The Art Institute of Michigan is located here, as well as a campus of Walsh College.

Business and Economy
Economically, Novi is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state. There is a large industrial sector, consisting of both manufacturing facilities and office parks. Research and development is a large component of Novi industry, as well as technology and engineering. Recently, auto connectivity and telematics have increased their presence in the city.

The retail sector is easily as large as the industrial, with an abundant combination of corporate chain stores as well as locally owned shops like National Pawnbrokers Outlet of Waterford. Novi is home to several auto dealerships, as well as a wide range of restaurants of all cuisines and prices. The most widely known retail structure here is undoubtedly Twelve Oaks Mall, which was constructed in 1977. It is one of the largest malls in the state in both area and number of stores. Year after year, it brings an abundance of revenue and commerce, contributing heavily to Novi’s continued rapid growth.

Recreation and Attractions
Novi has 19 historical landmarks, a combination of churches, old farmhouses, houses of prominent early residents, and more.
Fountain Park consists of several restaurants, a bowling alley, gym, spa, and theater. There are also nightclubs at this location, as well as others around the downtown area.

The city also has its share of parks. The largest, Lakeshore, is located right on Walled Lake, and one of its main attractions is the beach. Other amenities include trails, children’s playgrounds, picnic shelters, and restrooms. Many of the city’s annual events are held at this location.